I am a big fan of Jose Mourinho, since his Chelsea days back in 2005 I believe. I was pretty happy as a Man United fan when he joined my club and was very disappointed when he was sacked. He was obviously not the problem.

I am glad that he is back

Food for Thought

Er Gen vs Cocooned Cow vs I Eat Tomatoes vs Mad Snail

All of these authors are absolutely legendary and don’t require much of an introduction. I’m pretty sure many readers on Novel Updates has read at least a few of these authors novels.
Of course, for many readers, none of these authors may be their favorite, after all, their novels aren’t for everyone. Many of the best novels are made by new/one-novel/other ethnicity authors, but these four are by far the most well-known in the Chinese translation community.

My personal review and decision:
Er Gen: Probably the most well-known out of these authors. He’s written novels like Renegade Immortal (Flagship work), ISSTH (Fan favorite), Pursuit of the Truth (Black sheep), and A will Eternal (newest novel, not including A world worth protecting). His novels tend to shift from being somewhat lighthearted (AWE) to very serious (RI). I honestly can’t say more than this because I haven’t really gone in-depth reading with his novels.

Cocooned Cow: Both of CC’s works are fairly similar in nature, with both MW and TMW having somewhat weird pacing, fortunate encounter, etc. MW is essentially the classic xianxia novel, with TMW being little more unique. However, having finished both novels, they are easy to follow and are fairly enjoyable in my opinion.

I Eat Tomatoes: IET has written the most translated novels out of all the authors, ranging from sci-fi (Swallowed Star) to Fantasy Novels (Coiling Dragon). It is worth noting that I don’t really feel like his novels are xianxia, rather, following a more xuanhuan/fantasy approach. IET’s novels (especially coiling dragon) definitely have more western influences (such as magic academies), deviating from a typical xianxia. Because of this, his novels are definitely more unique than other authors.

Mad Snail: Have not read his novels, so I don’t feel confident to make a decision.

Personally, my vote goes to CC, primarily because I’m a sucker for the traditional, “trashy” xianxia novels. It just feels natural.


Author – ttooth



Don’t You Hate Descriptions That Describe Nothing?

There you are, perusing the latest series in search for something to save you from the binge reading of “Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation” (that doesn’t have dual cultivation at all, the author foolishly calls it “evil cultivation”, how silly), and you look to the description, to see if you get interested in it, if it’s the kind of novel you want or something.
Yet, the description doesn’t describe the novel. It’s only the MC babbling about how great he is, or how unjust the world is, or how he will trample his enemies, his friends, his lover, the author, the editor, the reader, and their families.
Like “Second Coming of Avarice“, for example. The description describes… nothing.

He was an addict, a loser, a despicable human being.

But, one fleeting dream that may not have been a dream at all reawakens his once-lost senses.

Possessing a very unique ability, he would use that, and the dream, to forge his path in the world now known as the Lost Paradise.


“The son of god Gula has returned.”

I was lost in the world of gambling.

I turned my back on my family and even betrayed my lover.

I wasted every day of my life.

It was a life of trash.

The reality told me thus:

That I would amount to nothing no matter what I did.

In order to change my pathetic life, I chose fantasy, instead.

Even then, it was the same story.

I wondered if salvation would come at the end of the long road.

But, I was forced to kneel down in defeat in front of a powerful entity.

The tower I built up with my own hands crumbled into nothingness.

Just for once, I dearly wished to know the truth about myself.

– Come closer, my child…

I will not hold back this time.

Or “I Shall Seal the Heavens“:

“What I want, the Heavens shall not lack!”

“What I don’t want, had better not exist in the Heavens!”

This is a story which originates between the Eighth and Ninth Mountains, the world in which the strong prey upon the weak.

“My Name is Meng Hao! The Ninth Generation Demon Sealer, I shall seal the Heavens!”

What the novel is about? I don’t know, and without reading the first 300+ chapters I wouldn’t learn it. Because all these novels are slow-starters…
What is the point in having a “description” that describes nothing? Why they can’t be like the description of “Dead on Mars“?

Payload specialist, Tang Yue, who is a mechanical and electrical engineer by training, is left stranded on Mars when he receives news from his AI robot assistant, Old Cat, that Earth has exploded. He believes himself to be the last human in the Universe.

Turns out, he is only the last man in the Universe. Botanist, Mai Dong, had been left on the United Space Station (USS) orbiting Mars, to await Tang Yue’s ascent to the USS before they make their journey back to Earth. But now, it’s impossible.

Join the trio’s quest for survival as they attempt to unravel the mystery of Earth’s disappearance.

There you have it, you learn what is the situation, who the MC is and get a general idea of what the novel is about. Why can’t all descriptions describe the novel? What is the point?
Author- ElefantVerd
Novel Review

Groundhog stories and why I love them

What do the five novels above have in common? They are time loop stories.

I started writing this post with the idea in mind that I really like the groundhog or time loop stories. I was going to write a short summary of each of those in the list above and briefly explain that the idea of studying everything under the sun is very pleasing to me and that I’d wish I was in the MC’s shoes.

But not once did I read any of those stories even up to 50% of translated chapters.

Then I had some stuff in real life happening these past few weeks and although it was not exactly a writer’s block but close to, so I had time to think instead of writing the first thing that came into my head.

Some t-shirt I once saw said that writer’s block is when your imaginary friends stop talking to you, and I believe that communication goes both ways. Anyway, back to time loops.

So I tried to understand why I didn’t get through even half the novel from the list above.

First let’s take away the obvious reasons like mtl in 1000 lives and harem in the FFF’s case, which are not something I like to read unless the story absolutely mesmerizes me, but also each of the stories above have one thing in common.

At least in the first few chapters of each of those novels the time loop was forced upon the MC.

It was not their choice.

Although Swordmaster does (spoiler alert) tend to chose his groundhog situation, but the reason behind it is not because he is a geek like me, but, well not gonna spoil it more than this. However, overall the time loop was forced on those characters.

Most of them, at least in the first part of those novels, really disliked their situations and the fact that they could not end those repetitions or alter their situation like in the automode case.

Secondly, although the idea of fixing my past mistakes is very pleasing to me, sadly, in reality, we can’t do that on repeat. Or we don’t remember if we have lived this life before, but that’s a can of different worms and let’s keep a lid on it for now.

This past month gave me a few wake up calls in several areas of my life. I am lazy, yes, but also I’m a dreamer, an artist and I’ve been practicing writing recently with a hope to publish.

I even tried my hand at time loop stories, rather tricky to write, I must say. But the truth is, I was using writing as another way to avoid reality.

My life is not on a time loop, and I can’t get the past back. Perhaps writing this post, or keeping the thought that I promised Wujigege to write it at the back of my mind, helped me see it more clearly.

I don’t know. Honestly, I was tempted to tell Wujigege that I’m not gonna be writing anything anytime soon, but that would just be pure laziness as this short post did not take that much time to write.

And usually when I say I will not do such or such then it just somehow happens that I do that straight away. Perhaps those MCs in the groundhog stories also wished to be lazy at times, but they picked themselves up and worked on doing whatever it is the author wanted them to achieve in their fictional lives without giving up.

I guess that sort of motivation and determination are the things that make those time loop stories fun to read. I often do wish I was as hardworking as those characters and had a one-track mind to just complete my goals or tasks.

Probably you could say I’m slightly jealous of those MCs, and I guess that’s why I’d recommend those groundhog stories to readers who need something to do on a cold November evening.

Stay warm, people, and drive safely.


Anime Funny

Why Konosuba is so great and a bit on the boobs

Many point out action scenes, but as the Canipa Effect pointed out expressions are even more important in drawing you in.

I have to admit that I didn’t care so much for the action in Konosuba. It definitely was not why I like it. I always enjoy Canipa Effect videos.

I did learn some unsavory things about the team behind the show that was done under a pseudonym, it was a good laugh I have to admit.

Well, the explosions were covered. Let’s not forget that. It was quite fitting how they got an explosion fanatic to animate a show with a character thats also an explosion fanatic lol.


Comics Funny

Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool

Salah & Mane competed against Kane and Dele Alli


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