Korean web novels rake in 50 million won a day

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As paperbacks move over to make room for e-books, what’s become popular to readers in Korea is the serialized romance novels published online. Last year’s hit TV drama “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” was first a weekly web novel before it was made into a TV […]

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Why I Don’t Read Romance Webnovel

I love romance stories. I almost exclusively watch only romance dramas but I don’t read romance novels. The romance feels to transactional. “He saved me so I love him” ” He is smart so I love him “ You can reverse the gender and its […]

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I have Completed English Subtitles for My First Chinese Movie: You Are Not Alone 2019

  Synopsis: The film mainly tells a fantasy love story between an urban otaku who has never been in love, and five girlfriends transformed from different objects. PS : You can download the subtitle using savesubs or downsub. The video quality on my channel isn’t […]

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Recruitment : Video Content Creators

It is an Asian drama-focused channel, so videos related to dramas and OST are preferred. Video length must be about 5 mins long. I will provide sample videos from similar channels. Like the Dramaholic video below:      

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Janet Suhh New Song “Why” For Our Beloved Summer OST

The voice was familiar but I kept searching through all the 5 OST songs already released but I never discovered this song. I finally discovered by looking at the ending credits for episode 7. I saw Janet Suhh and it clicked. Sadly, the full song […]

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A first impression on “A Little Mood for Love”

“A Little Mood for Love” is a forty-episode Chinese drama directed by Wang Jun and acted by Zhou Xun, Huang lei, Tang Yixin, Tu Songyan, Liu Lili, Qin Hailu, Xiang Hanzhi and others. It is the fourth installment of the “Little” franchise and like it’s […]

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First Look: Our Beloved Summer

Finally! A Choi Wooshik drama. I only had to wait 6 years. I have been a big fan of him since Ho Goo’s Love and My Fantastic Funeral. Just like his costar from Parasite: Park Sodam whom I wish speedy recover from her cancer treatment. […]

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