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Final Thoughts on Queen of Tears

I have had these thoughts for a while. Probably around episode 10. I don’t know if this drama is good. It is hard to tell but it was done Professionally. No stone was left unturned. It encompasses slice of life,…

The Okada Masaki Binge

Okitegami Kyoko

  I am a big fan of the article and decided to binge-watch his dramas this year. I have been watching more of Korean dramas over the past couple of years.  Kiss that Kills  and 100 Million Yen Women were…

Japanese Chopping Hatchet

Got a question about it in novel  Itai no Wa Japanese Chopping Hatchet With its leather covered storage case (which has a belt loop) and its laminated steel blade construction, this is a traditional gardening tool that’s terrific for cutting…

Why I started My Website

People have asked me why I started my website, whether it was worth it. This is the forum post that inspired me   If you prefer the news article version, here it is