Final Thoughts on Queen of Tears

I have had these thoughts for a while.
Probably around episode 10.
I don’t know if this drama is good. It is hard to tell but it was done Professionally.
No stone was left unturned.
It encompasses slice of life, action, city life, village life, terminal illness, etc
Any trope or genre you can think of is in it.
Characters break the third wall a lot too, they seem to be aware that they are in a drama.
It is great for memes but I found it ruins immersion a little.
Personally, as a fan of slice-of-life romances of Our Beloved Summer, this drama was overwhelming. I think I was only interested in a 10-second flashback scene in the finale.
I didn’t care for all the gunshots, courtroom and other scenes.
Given how they were able to develop every character including side characters by giving them families and friends. I feared that the cast would explode but they skillfuly used cameos or kept them offscreen. I was very much impressed. It feels like a weekend drama with 60% of the cast kept offscreen lol.
As a consequence of this, I thought the male lead’s brother and sister were husband and wife lol. You can’t really blame me since their spouses were offscreen

I have to hand it to the writers and producers. Every character got a satisfying conclusion, even a random villager.
Personally, I would have preferred this drama end at episode 13. I believe this could have been an 8 episode drama or 9 episode like Doona given how I found over 80 % of the plot irrelevant

At the end of the day, dramas have one purpose; to entertain. And I was entertained.
I wasn’t a fan of Crash Landing on You, although the opening theme song was magical and made me finish it.
I don’t know how I finished this and watched it as it aired. The first time since Golden Spoon.
But I am blacklisting this writer. She is great at job but sort of makes you angry for finishing her dramas Hahaha

PS I hope to improve my writing skills by taking creative writing courses online. I welcome criticism and course suggestions.