The Okada Masaki Binge


I am a big fan of the article and decided to binge-watch his dramas this year. I have been watching more of Korean dramas over the past couple of years.  Kiss that Kills  and 100 Million Yen Women were the most recent Japanese dramas I could recall.

I believe I started with Otomen, but it was too ridiculous to stomach 13 years later. Kaho is also a beautiful sight so that was nice. The lovely Ichikawa Yui too but the blunt was too ridiculous.

Then I tried dramas I had not watched. His drama with Minami was nice:Talio: Avenger Buddies

A lot of Minamis in Japanese drama. All seem to be linked to Asakura Minami. It was a joke in Long Vacation 1996 and My Sassy Girl 2008 to have a character with both names. I didn’t get the job at the time but years later, it was shocking how influential Mitsuru  Adachi is. His romances still suck as far as I am considered.


I also came across this great blog by a fan of his


I did start with dramas I had previously enjoyed namely: The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami.

It was much better at the second viewing. I was able to notice the easter eggs too in the opening sequence.

I did watch dramas I hadn’t watched before starting with Descending Stories. Omasa Aya was a joy to watch. I might finally get around to watching her Vampire drama.

We are Millenials was fantastic. I love Sakura Ando and it was nice watching her in this.

I rounded with Doctor X 7 and was all smiles to see him in it. Although Amazon Ai Tominaga stole the stole. She is a giant lol.

The next stop is Matsuda Shota binge. I already got to see Kato Ai in Clinic on Sea. After almost a decade, rewatching it was fun. Although I prefer the lovely Kato Ai as a a criminal as she was in Unubore Deka. That is also in my rewatch list