I am Dreading The Finale of Reborn Rich


Song Joongki is a terrific actor. It reminds me of an article I read on Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan.

The movie critic pointed out that he had habits and mannerisms that are unique to him that appear in all his movies even if it is out of place. I didn’t notice it before but SRK had a nodding his head when displaying raw emotion. Song Joongki isn’t different. He has a particular way of nodding his head when he smiles and when acting cool.

It felt like I was seeing his character from Innocent Man superimposed here.

The drama is filled with other great performances like Lee Jungmin but the more I watch, currently at episode 14, the more I have to admit that Golden Spoon is better in one specific aspect.

Golden Spoon has less established stars and a smaller budget but the main character’s motivation was solid and reasonable.

I cannot say the same for Reborn Rich. It has much higher production values and the characters are not one-dimensional but the protagonist seems to have abandoned his original family.

It was quite disappointing that by episode 14, I don’t even recall his original family. Golden Spoon might have been a lower-quality production but it made it clear that he cared for his original family.

I am hoping the last 2 episodes will prove me wrong.

I am not a skilled writer but I hope you enjoyed reading