Top 5 Anime That Will Blow Your Mind

Top 5 Anime That Will Blow Your Mind

Most of the times, anime are underrated a lot. The quality and storyline of some of these anime will leave, many movies, TV shows, etc. far behind. There are some anime, who are in a class of their own. They have withstood their ground for many years and are among the best. Here, I have a compiled a list of top 5 anime that will leave you in bewilderment.

Steins; Gate

An accurate and some may say, the better adaption of the video game, Steins; Gate has made its place among the elite. The anime is based around the central idea of time travel. The plot revolves around Rintaro Okaabe (mad scientist), who solves the mystery of time travel, by sending text messages in the past with his assistant, Kurisu Makise. SERN an organization that conducts time travel learns about it. It sends people to obtain the method and eliminate everyone. He finds that he has to delete the original D-mail to return to his timeline. However, in that timeline, Kurisu dies. Okabe now has to go through the incredible turn of events.

Death Note

One of the best known and most watched anime. Arguably, one of the most mind-blowing plots, ever made. A genius high-school finds a notebook, through which he can kill anybody he wants, as long as he knows their names. He comes in contact with Ryuk (Shinigami), who leans the Light (Kira) plans to rule over criminals, through this death note. However, a major obstacle in Light’s path is L (real name: unknown). The following turn of events will leave the viewer baffled, as Ryuk enjoys watching Light embark on this journey.

Code Geass

A candidate for the best anime ever, Code Geass depicts Japan (now known as Area 11), which is conquered by the Great Britain. The residents are now known as Elevens, who are kept in control by powerful robots, known as Knightmares. However, Lelouch, the dark prince, stand up against the government with sheer will. In to build an ideal world, he uses the power of Geass. His friend, Suzaku Kururugi, inspires to live an honest life, demolishing evil from the world. The adventures from here on will blow the mind of the viewer.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Number 1 anime, on myanimelist, Fullmetal Alchemist is based on two brothers. The brothers want to restore their bodies, after attempting a forbidden alchemy, to revive their dead mother. Edward who lost his two limbs wants to restore the body of this younger brother, Alphonse. The soul of Alphonse has been bound to a metal body, As they search for the powerful stone, they uncover mind baffling plots, beyond the viewer’s comprehension.


Attack on Titan

An amazing plot and awesome character designs and animations make AOT a joy to watch. It setups a world, where humanity is striving to survive within walls built for protection against titans. However, the wall gets breached, and Eren’s mother is eaten by a titan. As the story moves on, the truth about the Titans is made clearer but not fully revealed, till now. Now, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin must continue their struggle towards the truth.