Top 10 Japanese Animated Films That Are Just Too Good

Top 10 Japanese Animated Films That Are Just Too Good

There has been a steady and overwhelming increase in popularity of anime, in the last decade or so. With such quality and viewership, Japanese animated films have now become a “thing”. Want to know, which animated movies to watch? So, here I have gathered a list of top 10 Japanese animated film of all time, based on recognition and reviews.

  1. Your Name

One of the best anime movies of all time and recipient of many awards. It is filled with romance, thrill, emotions, goosebumps and much more. Two strangers, Mitsuha and Taki, are connected magically and strangely, as they irregularly switch bodies with each other. Separated by time and space, will they ever be able to meet to each other?

  1. A Silent Voice

Another top of the list animated movie, bound to keep you occupied. Based on the notorious issue of bullying, it embodies the struggles of a deaf girl named Shoko. She is bullied by a boy called Shoya and her friends. However, later on, Shoya decided to make amends for his behavior in the past and become friends with her.

  1. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

A teenage girl finds an object that gives her the ability to travel to the time, and she tries to use it to her advantage. Composed of a mind-blowing plot-twist, she finds that her long-time friend is also a time traveler and came from the future. Now, she is in love with him, but he has to leave soon to prevent specific consequences.

  1. The Place Promised in Our Early Day

This movie is a fantastic piece of art, as the animations are excellent. The film setups a dark world, fallen under the shadows of war. Japan is divided into two unions. In this fuss, a scientist tries to revive his childhood friend.

  1. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Based on the fourth Haruhi Suzumiya novel, this movie will surely fail to disappoint you. The movie starts with a high-school boy named Kyon, who one morning finds that his reality has been changed altogether. The next turn of events is a joy to watch.

  1. Patema Inverted

An amazing concept and exceptional animations. The plot revolves around Patema and Age, who embark on a journey to find out why and how gravity has inverted, due to an experiment.

  1. Wolf Children

A wonderful mixture of fiction and emotion. A girl named Hana marries a wolfman. The husband dies, later on. While new adventures await their children.

  1. Spirited Away

In this animated film, a 10-year old girl finds herself trapped in a strange place. Now, she must work there to free herself and her parents.

  1. 5 Centimeters Per Second

A romantic drama movie, consisting of three episodes. It based on an era, where telephones are not typical. A beautiful romantic story of Takaki and Akari makes this movie impressive.

  1. Ghost in the Shell

This movie is a piece of work. Motoko Kusanagi is in pursuit of a hacker who hacks the minds of cyborg humans. She wants to know her identity, by meeting this pirate. She wants to know what would she be like if she had more human traits than usual.