5 Drama/Movies Inspired by the Hwaseong  Serial Murders

5 Drama/Movies Inspired by the Hwaseong  Serial Murders

The Hwaseong Serial Murders are a series of murders that took place from the mid-80s to early-90s. This case is the

Unsolved Mystery of Korea, like Jack The Ripper or the Zodiac Killer.


It is a chilling case in which several women aged from as old as 71 to as young as 14 were strangled to death in

Hwaseong and the surrounding areas. The murders were committed using the victims’ clothing, as they were bound

with their bodies being left in rural areas such as canals, rice paddies, and the hills.


Korean Police conducted an exhaustive search, with forensic analysis concluding that the assailant was blood type B and

the statement of just one survivor seeming to suggest him being a young, slim man with a height of around 170cm.

The suspect list grew to as large as 20,000+, and despite immense efforts, the killer evaded capture.


These deaths were tragic and remain some of the most notorious unsolved murders in history, with such public interest

that the statute of limitations was lifted in July 2015 with the cold case still being investigated to this day.


The story inspired so many Drama and Movies, here are the top 5.

Memories Of A Murder

One of the most famous Korean Movies of all times, winner of so many awards and considered one of the best Korean

movies ever.

The movie is directed by Bong Joon-Ho with Song Kang-Ho and Kim Sang-Kyung.


Two policemen are trying to stop this serial killer, but they have no evidence, and they do not know who to look for.

Can they prove the guilt of their only suspect?


One of the most rewarded K-Drama of the last years.


In this story, Prefect Hae-Young (Lee Je-Hoon) communicates through a radio with detective Jae-Han (Cho Jin-Woong)

in the past! In this way, the two detectives will solve some unsolved cases, changing the past and the future. A stunning

story for an unmissable drama.

Confession of murder

A detective fails to stop the serial killer and runs 30 years with this remorse. When the case enters the prescription,

somebody is accused of all crimes, with precise details and specific proofs.


Only the detective is skeptical. He doesn’t want to admit to having lost the challenge with the killer, or he understands

he is talking to an impostor?

Gap Dong


This Drama is also inspired by this serial killer. The serial killer hunt continues after 30 years. This time the detective will

be able to capture him?


A Drama that has raised high ratings and positive critiques.


1987, Detective Park Kwang-Ho is fighting with the serial killer inside a tunnel, but he is defeated, and the killer escapes.

When he wakes up, he discovers that he is in 2017! He can come back to his time only arresting the killer.

A beautiful drama, with a lot of plot twists and great characters.


They tell fictional accounts to not glorify or dramatize the severe and chilling crimes that inspired them and also

manage to bring an array of exciting, well-written and brilliantly acted tales with satisfying story arcs and conclusions.