What’s behind niceties?

Hello, how are you?

Did you have a good time? How was work?

The weather is nice today!

That outfit really suits you.

A long time ago I watched “Good morning” or お早よう. A movie produced in 1959 by Yasujiro Ozu. I don’t recall correctly why I even had that DVD. I think it was because of one of our professors mentioning in a Visual Design class that Ozu’s trademark still camera shots were very interesting in this particular movie. Anyway…the plot revolves about the daily life of suburban Tokyo and it takes a turn when a couple of boys decide for petty reasons that they will ignore adults and stop saying “Good morning” or any other casual greetings as they think it doesn’t matter. That simple act causes the whole relationships between neighbors to go awry and it evens escalates to the boys running away from home. It’s a comedy, ok? xD

Anyway…I recommend it. Take it as a Showa Era revival kinda rec.


Author:Momoyuki from Novel Updates Forum