Scouring Marriage Episode 1 Recap


This is filled with spoilers. If you dont want spoilers. Wait for the Subtitle

First episode

In modern life, people have different interpretations of the concept of marriage. There were three girls and they were good friends who had different attitudes towards marriage. However, they all had the same idea, it was that they had to find their husband through looking for marriage, found a good man in their own way, and firmly held their happiness in their own hands. The story began around these three good friends and the marriage life they pursued.


Today was an important day for Wang Keke. She was going to buy a new home with her future husband. She slept all night with a big sack of money. She was very excited and nervous. Wang Keke’s father was also humming a song that It Is A Good Day while cooking.


Wang Keke hurriedly dressed up and went out. She didn’t even have time for breakfast. She went downstairs in high spirits, but received a phone call from the company, asking her to go to the company to receive customers. Her good mood vanished, and suddenly wore a sad face . But all her sorrows disappeared immediately when she saw Li Xiaojun, and she gave Li Xiaojun the full power to buy the house.


Unexpectedly, Li Xiaojun had an accident on his way to the sales office, he almost collided with an oncoming car, and Wang Keke’s ID card fell into the gutter.


Li Xiaojun’s electric car also failed to start. He just had to push the car to the sales office quickly. When he was signing after paying the money, and only then found that Wang Keke’s ID card was missing. Therefore, the sales manager proposed to let Li Xiaojun sign his own name alone. At first, Li Xiaojun disagreed, but he couldn’t resist the sales manager’s lobby. Li Xiaojun finally decided to sign his own name and buy the house first.


Wang Keke rushed to the company in a hurry for the customer’s proposal, but was mocked by Jiang Meihua, the manager. Wang Keke wouldn’t to be bullied , so she scolded back .


Wang Keke faced a problem when receiving customers. The U disk couldn’t be read when she was introducing the products to customers. She was in a rush and wanted to borrow Jiang Meihua’s computer to introduce. Unexpectedly, Jiang Meihua had been prepared for it, she ignored Wang Keke and recommended Zhang Jianjian’s programme, and asked him to introduce instead of Wang Keke.But Zhang Jianjian was only a newcomer after all, and his scheme was so bad that Wang Keke didn’t like it, let alone a client.


Wang Keke then asked Jiang Meihua for her theory, but Jiang Meihua not to regard it as right, feeling that all this was caused by Wang Keke’s lack of preparation, and Wang Keke could only accept her fate.Wang Keke later realized that it was all the tricks of Jiang Meihua. She was afraid that Wang Keke’s outstanding performance in this proposal would pose a threat to her promotion to director.

Wang Keke was angry, and then went to argue with Jiang Meihua. Jiang Meihua knew herself was wrong and directly used the manager’s identity to suppress Wang Keke by deducting the year-end bonus, and Wang coco turned around angrily and left the company.


As soon as she left the company, she took out her mobile phone and found many missed calls from Li Xiaojun , so she hurriedly called back. At this time, Li Xiaojun was gloomy in the company and was worried about how to explain signing the contract with his own name to Wang Keke.


The colleague kindly suggested that he should be perfunctory with Wang Keke, saying that the contract had been signed.Li Xiaojun had to try according to what his colleagues said. Unexpectedly, he passed easily. Wang Keke completely believed what he said.


Although Wang Keke was very angry by Jiang Meihua, she was very happy that she had completed all the prenuptial treaties proposed by Li Meiqin.Then Wang Keke began to talk to herself happily, but her best friend Sun Qian was behind her. Just as she and Sun Qian were speaking ill of Zhang Jianjian, Zhang Jianjian appeared not far away.Wang Keke thought he was sent by Jiang Meihua to track her, but Sun Qian told her that Zhang Jianjian was her brother-in-law and Wang Keke was very embarrassed.


At night, Wang Keke and Li Xiaojun were still in a good mood for dating. They discussed the decoration style of the house, and Li Xiaojun said something about getting marriage certificates. Wang Keke was blinded by joy and completely forgot the house contract.


As a result she came back home, when Wang Keke’s father asked about the contract , Wang Keke said she fully believed in Li Xiaojun’s ability to handle affairs.Meanwhile, Li Meiqin learned that ,she told Li Xiaojun not to let Wang Keke know the secret of the contract .


They finally got their marriage certificate on the next day, and showed off their affectionate love when they left the Civil Affairs Bureau. As for the wedding, Wang Keke proposed to have a travel marriage, but Li Meiqin objected. She thought the wedding should be magnificent and let everyone know the sincerity of Li’s family.


Li Xiaojun flattered her and made Wang coco to grudgingly agree. Wang Keke returned home and started to complain that her father didn’t speak for her. When Wang Keke and Li Xiaojun discussed how to decorate their new house,Li Meiqin let the construction team start the decoration directly , which made Wang Keke unhappy.


Travel marriage got out of the question, and now even decorating according to their own ideas also became impossible.


The news of Wang Keke’s marriage spread instantly in the company. When everyone was celebrating, Jiang Meihua interrupted everyone. She asked her staff not to ask for leave to attend Wang Keke’s wedding on Saturday.With regard to Jiang Meihua’s practice, Wang Keke also had a hard time and had no way to do anything about it.


As the wedding was approaching, Wang Keke and Li Xiaojun were very busy, taking wedding photographs and picking dresses, but they had to listen to Li Meiqin’s advice on everything.The new house was decorated. Li Meiqin saw her son’s good thing approaching, and she was in a happy mood. She told Li Xiaojun to treat Wang Keke well and be a good husband.On the other hand, Wang Keke was very dissatisfied with the wedding dress chosen by Li Meiqin, but she didn’t care too much. she was more worried about her father’s mood after she got married and jokingly asked her father whether he would be reluctant to let her leave.



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