Review: Destroyer of Ice and Fire


As the era of dragons gradually came to an end, as arcane masters left countless riches and legends under the starry sky, one awakened youngster after another began to set foot on their journey.


Pretty below ordinary. Already very lenient by giving it 3 stars. Yup… sigh. 51 might seem too soon to decide, but keep in mind that this is only 700 chapters long.. that makes it less than 10%. Dayem..I just couldn’t go on any further.

So yeah, a very VERY shounen anime type novel. Unfortunately, the colors and flashiness of an anime weren’t being conveyed properly. The story in itself is terrible. Yes, that is a strong word.

The MC is a naive guy… and I mean the annoyingly naive shounen type MC. And his VERY VERY PLOT HEAVY SPECIAL POWERS AND CHEATS AND LUCK…too much.

There is the mandatory group of good friends slash rivals but… they just cannot be termed as good supporting characters, considering that the MC himself is so lacklustre.

And of course… if people take 2 years for something, MC takes less than 3 months. Ok. Plot. But his friends are just as fast and good? Why don’t you just make this into an anime or something?

Considering that there were a lot of times where I could just tell the name of some anime which used that thing…I mean, rock smash is a move in here. Pokemon anyone? There is the dropping of weights by Lee from Naruto as well…I will stop here.

This is just disappointing, because I went in expecting a JP style CN that was fresh. Instead, I got a Google translate of a stale JP. This is not Mango approved, again.

And PoTS is at least 10 times better, if someone is looking for a better version of a similar series.

I completely forgot about the comedy… which gets VERY repetitive and stale as the series progresses. And… this wasn’t a comedy! I could have just gone back to gintama or konosuba!

This is not Mango approved®.

EDIT: Oh, also.. did I mention the plot which makes it hard for me to think about nakama power up causing the MC to never lose? Even when the baddies are… evil dragon followers and stuff?

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