First Look: Our Beloved Summer

Finally! A Choi Wooshik drama. I only had to wait 6 years. I have been a big fan of him since Ho Goo’s Love and My Fantastic Funeral. Just like his costar from Parasite: Park Sodam whom I wish speedy recover from her cancer treatment. He had given up dramas in exchange for movies for a few years. Park So Dam already made her drama comeback last year with Record of Youth so I was itching for his comeback too.

My Beloved Summer looks to be a lot of fun.  Kim Dami was his co-star from The Witch Part1 Subversion which I really should watch soon. I didn’t watch Itaewon Class as it isn’t my cup of tea but I heard rave reviews about Kim Dami’s acting. I am looking forward to both being reunited in Our Beloved Summer. I intend to binge watch it so I won’t be watching for a while. This drama and Now We Are Breaking Up are the only 2 current dramas I am looking forward to watching. I only finished You Raised Me Up this year. Most Korean dramas have been disappointing. Hitman in Love was a nice change of pace lol. J doramas never disappoint