Chinese actress Fan Bingbing to Return in 2023


Fan Bingbing was banned by China for 5 years. After trying to develop in 2 other regions, she might make a full return in 2023

Famous Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was involved in a tax evasion scandal in China in 2018, causing her to be officially banned overnight. Until now, Chinese officials have also named her as an “inferior artist”. Amid her repeated efforts to get back on scene, they were to no avail. Recently, Hong Kong media reported that Fan Bingbing seems to be planning to transfer her career to Hong Kong and South Korea, and she might be planning for her full return in 2023.

After being banned by Chinese entertainment for 5 years, her return is still fruitless. From what she’s been doing this year, she might have already decided to give up on the Chinese showbiz. Not only did she make a cameo appearance in the Korean drama “Insider”, but she also made a video to thank Korean netizens when she won the “Outstanding Asian Actress Award” at the Busan International Film Festival in October.

In addition to gaining some success in South Korea, Fan Bingbing also sees Hong Kong as an opportunity for a full return. When she and her parents visited Hong Kong to meet the media in October this year, Fan Bingbing generously explained the purpose of her visit, “I have some job opportunities.”

She was also going to meet Hong Kong filmmakers. Since she is well-known in the Hong Kong showbiz, there should be a high acceptance of Fan Bingbing.

In 2018, due to her scandal on tax evasion, Fan Bingbing was not only severely fined, but also banned entirely from the entertainment industry. Her career development stopped and she also encountered setbacks in her relationship. Her then boyfriend, Li Cheng, a Chinese actor, also broke up the next year even though the couple was very near to getting married. These years, those who have been named “inferior artists” in China have no place at all in the Chinese entertainment industry, no matter how popular they once were.