Why “Miss The Dragon” is a waste of time

“Miss The Dragon” is a story of a dragon king and a young maidservant played respectively by Dylan Wang and Zhu Xu Dan. The story was adapted from a game of the same name.

Despite the hype the drama created while being produced, the show failed to deliver. To be honest, it was overall a waste of time that can never be got back.

Let’s start where the drama starts, a group of people are passing through a bamboo forest in a carriage. In the carriage, there is the young miss and the maid. Now, who the maid was or who the miss was needed to be directly told at this point because there is absolutely no way to differentiate between them through clothes. This is, of course, because the maid is the female lead.

 Next, the carriage is stops abruptly and the miss twists her ankle. How was it possible to twist her ankle when the carriage was not going fast in the first place? Probably because the script writer said so.

The carriage is stopped by a group of people trying to escape a famine. And the female lead, without them asking for more than one dish, without taking permission from the miss, gave all the food in the carriage away. Does the maid run the household in here?

Then she asks someone to buy some ingredients such as egg, flour, wine etc. to make something to treat the miss’s leg. In the middle of a famine? Where would they get these when the villages are going through a famine?

Then, she has a conversation while treating the miss’s ankle. She said that she wants to see a dragon. And she looks up. And these is A DRAGON in the clouds. Huh!! What a coincident!

And this is just the first episode. Oh God!!

Let’s just skim through the rest. The maid lives in this huge, extensively decorated private room. The decorations and accommodations are of a aristocrat lady. And she doesn’t have any work to do. She practically lives like a lady, and not the almost slave she is. Where is this place?

Let’s check up with the male lead. Now the main lead is told that if he wants to become a god, he has to pass this trial. So he goes to steal this thing that is heavily guarded. Here immerges a male lead that does not need to do anything to use his powers than just stand there motionless…Probably for the first time in drama history? He is like a statue. He does not make any expression, does not move any limb, does not even blink. And when it is time to fly, he rises like a stick. The wire work does not even bother making him move a little. Could the production be any lazier?

In the next part, the miss and the maid goes to this valley that has sloppy production written all over it. Here they find the injured dragon in the form of a snake. The miss likes the snake and tells the maid to get the snake to save it. The maid is afraid of the snake due to a childhood incident yet the miss insists that she saves the snake. Why? The miss is clearly not afraid yet she wants her maid to get the snake who is afraid when she can get the snake herself. wasn’t it established previously that the maid and the miss like sisters? This makes no sense.

Now, the maid who is afraid of the snake for some illogical reason picks up the snake in the palm of her hand, a direct touch with the snake…And she puts the snake in a cage where the gap between the poles is so much wider than the snake. What’s the point of putting it in a cage then? Can she not see that?

Fast forward, the miss wants to go to a temple and wants to bring the maid. and the maid refuses!! She is a maid!! And the lady agrees!

And then when the snake and maid interact, sleeping and the snake becoming a man, ” Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” anyone?? Could they make it any more obvious?

The rest of the story is not even worth the time. The characters are one dimensional, they have no real motive for doing what they do, their action follows little logic and are only there to move the story forward, there is no character development. And the visual works does not make up for it. The visual itself is poor and thoughtless.

With all these problems. The drama is just a waste of time and an insult to the viewers as it clearly shows that the production thinks that the audience have no brain.