A Review On “The Law School”

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“Law School” is a South Korean television series premiered on Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company(JTBC) on April 14th,2021.The story starts in Hankuk Law University, a prestigious name where only the best students study.

The story revolves around Kang-Sol A who is a student studying at the law school. She says she wants an “apology from the law” for being wrongly accused of violence when she was defending someone else.

No of episodes: 16

Original release:  April 14- June 9,2021

Main cast: 

Yang Jong-hoon, a professor who teaches criminal law, used to be a prosecutor.

Kang Sol A, a first year student who enters through special admission. 

Han Joon-hwi, a first year student who gets top grades among his peers.

Kim Eun-sook, a judge-turned-professor who teaches civil law, is a good friend of professor Yang.


During a mock trial at the University, a professor is found dead and the main suspect is Professor Yang who is also a professor at the school. Kang-Sol A, a below average student studying at the school tries her best to probe Professor Yang’s innocence with the help of Han Joon-hwi. Kang-Sol-A manages to get in through special admission and not through any of her academic achievements which explains her low grades in class and why she seeks the help of Han Joon-Hwi.

Around the same time, Lee Man-ho, convicted of rape, is released from prison. This case is really similar to the real life case of Jo Doo-soon who was convicted to raping a child in 2008 leaving her with permanent physical damages. He was sentenced to only 12 years in jail because he was under the influence of alcohol. In Korea, being drunk is a valid defense for rape. Lee Man-ho claims that he does not remember anything he did which forces the judges to sentence him to only 11 years in prison.

Is the drama worth it?

One can never know what’s going to happen next and this is a huge aspect as to why people like this drama.The way the story is told makes it so that some details are intentionally left out and the blanks are filled as the story progresses. This adds a layer of mystery to the drama and one can never make a firm conclusion without watching the entire drama. This mystery keeps them hooked and indulges the audience till the very end.

The characters in the drama are played almost perfectly with each person having a unique personality and dealing with the same thing in different ways. This leads to some truly unexpected developments, with alliances and rivalries seemingly formed from nothing. There are also hidden developments that are only shown later on in the episodes. Almost every episode forces one to view things from a different perspective which never gets old. 

This drama highlights the flaws and the ways in which the law can be exploited for better or for worse. It goes to show how the law can be manipulated in a number of ways, like how Kang-Sol A tried to save someone but got sued instead, completely negating her claims for self-defense . But at the end of the day it shows that justice will always prevail no matter how many loopholes a person can find. This drama is truly unique in its storytelling and it does an amazing job at keeping things fresh by adding back stories and linking them up with the main story. 

Overall, this drama goes to show that the law is not always fair and shows how decisive and smart humans can be when they’re put in a tough spot. This drama averaged around a million South Korean viewers when it was aired and it has definitely earned its popularity with a truly unique plot and amazing acting.